The City Of Novato Requires An Inspection Before You Sell Your Home And So Do Some Others

Dated: 04/04/2017

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The City of Novato requires an inspection before you sell your home and so do some others. Seller Beware!

Did you know that when you are selling your home in Novato you need to have the city inspect it first? Before you put your home on the market or try to sell it by yourself, you should ask the City of Novato to do an inspection and provide you with the report for buyer’s (and their Real Estate Agents) to review.

Some cities like Novato require a re-sale inspection prior to the sale of a home. It’s not just Novato, California by the way. San Francisco also has a permit history report that’s necessary to provide to the buyers, along with an energy & water efficiency inspection report.

Usually the seller (or seller's Realtor) fills out Novato's "Application for Residential Property Inspection and Report". The application and payment must be received by the City (either on their website or in person) before they will schedule the appointment. It usually takes about a week before they do the inspection after it’s paid/scheduled.

In Novato, the code enforcement inspector who goes out to inspect your property will research any permits issued, permit status and any possible code violations. They’ll also look at any previous re-sale inspections (if any) for your property.

They typically look at how your property should look like compared to the official info, in terms of how many bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc. If the seller or anyone else (including previous sellers) has changed the property and they didn't obtain any necessary permits, it is likely that the inspector will put that in their report.

Sometimes sellers might get a bill for the permit they should have obtained, and it could even cost much more than it would have due to penalties. If there were any improvements, the inspector could determine that the property would need to conform to today's building codes. It might not even matter when the work was done or even who did it. Sometimes the City of Novato’s code violations will require a re-inspection. This is done in order to make sure the violation is corrected properly.

Be sure to contact the City of Novato at (415) 899-8989 or go to their website, (or if you’re not in Novato then be sure to check with your city) to find out more information regarding any re-sale requirements that you need to comply with. If you ever want to do any remodeling, renovating, additions or construction, make sure to check whether permits are required and obtain them because it could save you a lot of time, energy and money in the long run. It's about $274 for most homes to do the inspection so plan that out as well as what items you might need prior to selling. 

To see more info about Novato's resale requirements visit their website link at:

On the city's site they also share this link on how to prepare for their inspection which says:

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They also discuss pools, hot tubs, fencing, landscaping and much more. For more info go to:

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