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Dated: 11/27/2017

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Some ask me if they should invest in Real Estate, Bitcoin, Ethereum or something else. I honestly don't know which is best for you but I have some of my own thoughts on these matters which you may find helpful when you consider your options. 

First off I'll talk about this new phenomenon- Bitcoin (and all crypto-currencies, including Ethereum which is perhaps my favorite right now). It is a very risky and volatile investment arena. Not too many know much about it although many are making some serious gains right now with the wave they're all making with massive appreciation. It could end tomorrow or keep going up, and that could be said about Bitcoin or any of the other cryptos. 

If you have some extra money and could easily part with it, then it could be a good opportunity. If you're kind of thinking it may be a good idea to put your rent and bill money into this and watch it payoff then that might not be a good idea (to say the least). I don't know what situation you're in, but I have to keep saying this because I don't want anyone to put their money in then see them lose it (which could and does happen to some people with many investments). It hasn't happened with Bitcoin or Ethereum to anyone yet that I know of but it certainly could happen easily with them too. For me I'm looking at some others that maybe I could just put 10 bucks into or 100 into and watch them flourish, yet it might be hard to predict. 

Just 4 years ago today Bitcoin was trading at under $200 each. Today it's worth about $9,600 each! 

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BITCOIN is pretty much at an all time high this week. I bought my first digital currency on Coinbase - you may want to try it! You will get a bonu$ if you use this code:



Bitcoin was $731 a year ago and it is over $8000 right now!!! 

That is just... Crazy crazy crazy... it may tank tomorrow or could go up to a million per bitcoin, nobody knows but if you're willing to take a chance it may be better odds than the lottery

I got some Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin just 12 days ago and the prices have gone up a lot since then, and my portfolio is worth over 10% more already. That's seriously some incredible interest or appreciation, which just might even continue. All 3 are basically at all time highs. Bitcoin almost at the $10,000 mark, Ethereum almost crossing $500 (was $331 two weeks ago) and Litecoin just about to break $100. All three have gone up over 65% each over this past month alone. Bitcoin went up over 1000% this year. Litecoin over 2000% this year. Ethereum up over 5000% in the past year. You could have picked it up for under $1 just 2 years ago today. BITCOIN, Ethereum and Litecoin are now at all time highs also this week and seem to keep going up and up.

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It is a pretty risky venue but could be an incredible opportunity. I'm also looking at picking up some different crypto currencies from other sites that have other opportunities, like some going up over 1000% in one wee that you can pick up for under 1 penny each, or others going up 500% in a month that cost 2-5 cents each, etc... some may be hard to predict but if you spread out $100 over 5 or 10 you like, it could just pay off big. I was thinking if you could predict a few of those that gain 1600% it could be pretty awesome. For instance, put 100 in on Yescoin this past week, which went up over 1600%, then put all that onto another one that does the same next week, take that out and put it on another that also goes up 1600 percent that week then your $100 is now over $400,000. Not likely to happen but possible I believe, especially with something like Yescoin lol. (just a bit of a joke on that but it sure was a winner this week).

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I have an MBA degree which doesn't mean a whole lot in relation to prices of crypto currencies or Bitcoin specifically but it is kind of a helpful thing to be able to ponder business opportunities and investment ideas a bit more. I look at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends with this as well as other things I invest my time or money in. It seems to me if you keep the investment amounts at a level you could easily afford to lose, there could be some serious opportunity for you with low risk based on the trends I've seen and the minimal threats I've observed so far.

One of my best pieces of advice is for any Realtor, Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker to join eXp Realty. I have never seen another real estate brokerage offer so many incredible opportunities to earn income. Add to the stock ownership, revenue sharing, great commission splits the top training, support, tools and technology and there is no comparison in my book. Some who joined less than 2 years ago are already making over $100,000 per month just for encouraging their friends to join, not including their stocks and commissions they are also earning! Go check out and see for yourself why thousands of top agents, teams and brokers have been flocking to eXp Realty.

As far as real estate investments go, it usually makes sense to pick up some multi-family or other income producing properties when they cash flow for you, and sometimes if you're looking for more of a break even investment for a period of time in order to write off some losses or wait for future appreciation. In the San Francisco Bay, Silicon Valley, Wine Country, Sacramento areas of Northern California, prices are pretty high and don't always allow for the investment returns most investors are looking for. There is a lot of competition in the housing market and the investment properties are no exception. The housing market seems to be a much less risky environment today than it was ten years ago. Many people purchasing since the crash of '08 have purchased with all cash, or have had a much larger down payment than most buyers 10-15 years ago. In addition, lenders have clamped down since then and were verifying assets, income and employment much more over the past 10 years so it seems less likely to me that there would be another crash  like we saw recently in the foreseeable future.
The bottom line to me is that if you are able to afford a home and you are currently renting, it always makes more sense to me to have a home at the end of 30 years rather than just a pile of receipts. If you already own your own home and have some to spare, you may wish to pick up a rental unit and/or some crypto currency if you have the desire, but nobody knows for sure where any of these markets will go in the future, so no matter what you invest in make sure you do your due diligence and don't invest more than you can afford to lose if you want my advice.

*Author advises any and all readers to not make any investment decision based upon the author’s views but encourages all to do their own research. Author personally owns a small portfolio of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other investments including EXPI stocks which are publicly traded and is from the author’s company, eXp Realty (from eXp World Holdings, Inc.) and private stocks as well.

Scott Brown

MBA, Realtor & Real Estate Broker

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