Best Strategies When Putting An Offer In On A Home In A Hot Market

Dated: 07/23/2017

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Do You Want To Know Some Of The Best Strategies When Putting An Offer In On A Home In A Hot Market? When you are looking for a home to purchase in an extremely hot market, there can be some challenges which might make you want to give up. Many buyers looking for the same type of home as you in the same price range makes it difficult when housing inventory is low. By choosing an expert Realtor experienced in negotiations and following their advice, you could end up getting your dream home rather than merely putting in countless offers on homes that don't get accepted.

Some of the best strategies include being pre-approved or pre-qualified for your loan prior to starting your search, in the event you're not paying for the home entirely with cash. Knowing some of the basics of what a seller is hoping for might be helpful. They want cash usually, but if the offer is strong enough, they may choose a buyer with a loan over one with cash. Being able to meet the sellers requests such as time frame of closing, allowing them to stay in the home for a short time after the close of escrow, or overlooking repairs are all some of the things that place one offer above the rest at times. 

When you hire a Real Estate Agent or Realtor or Real Estate Broker to represent you, they should be skilled in researching the needs of each seller and also being able to present your offer in such a way that it entices the seller to choose your offer. I have been told that my offer was selected merely because it was $129 higher net to the seller than the other offer they were considering. Other times I've put the offer in so fast that the seller accepted it but regretted it shortly thereafter because a better offer came in. When you are searching, you should always be ready to follow your Realtors lead, because they've been down the road many times before and they know how to get where you want to go. 

As an expert negotiator with many years of experience, I have learned many other things that set my offers above the rest time and time again. I have an MBA in International Business and am more than halfway done with a Doctor of Business Administration degree. Having done countless business deals, I know how to present a purchase agreement that other parties are looking for. When you hire an expert Realtor with experience and patience, you can expect to not only find the home you're looking for but also expect that you'll be moving in to it. When you are ready, you should pounce right away with your best offer in a very hot sellers' market because coming in 2nd place gets you nowhere fast. 

For more strategies, set up a free meeting with low pressure and no obligation to go over our services. When choosing a buyer's agent to represent you, it costs you nothing in almost every transaction, since the seller pays the commission for both the listing agent (who fights hard to get the seller the most money out of you as possible) as well as the agent representing the buyer. This means you can have someone represent you and help you find the best home at the price you want, rather than having an agent trying to only sell you the one home they are trying hard to sell, which might not be even close to the best home for you. 

Call Scott Brown at 707-474-8855 or 415-779-4397 anytime you're ready to set up a buyer consultation. 

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